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The History of the Healing Olive 

The "healing" refers to healing your reality which means EVERYTHING. It is not limited to physical healing...

The idea for the Healing Olive "landed" in my mind at the beginning of 2016.
At that time, I was pretty advanced in my spiritual journey to "change the world," I realized that as long as everything was only in my mind, it would stay that way. So I decided to take it to the Open...
The idea was to offer 1,000 small bottles of olive oil from HolyLand, fully prepaid by me, including shipping.
People would send me their pictures, I would "read" their faces mentally while preparing the Healing Olive, and by "connecting" to the "goodness" in that person (everybody has it if you look for it), I would create the energy that will affect their reality.
At that point on my journey, it was vital to see if I had it as I theorized or if it was just a mind game... and that was why I paid for the whole project... I felt very strongly that the results would be powerful, but being a realist, I needed proof.
Since I did not have a Youtube channel then and had no clue how to make a video, I started a paid promotion on social media, and at the same time, I recorded my first video ever, the one you can see here... I recorded and deleted it more than fifty times... ( today, I do all my videos with no"practice," just one take 🙂).
When the feedback started to pour in, it was so overwhelming that it scared me...
At the beginning of 2018, after 400 bottles were shipped, one of my sons became critically ill, and if by magic, the orders stopped coming in. I did not get back to it even after he got well until now...
There were TWO beliefs I wanted to clarify/prove:
One: Reality is malleable and CAN be changed.
Two: I can do it by connecting with the person in the picture and causing God or the universe to do it for them.
The results speak for themselves. So here you have it...

This is how It works.  
(please use my emails address on the "contact" page for any communication)

You provide me with a good, current photo of yourself and your shipping address. Please send the picture to my email listed here under CONTACT.
I will look at your picture and read your current reality. Then I will fill a bottle with the Healing Olive and "infuse" it with the emotional vitality I got from looking at your picture. I will add a personal message and ship it to you with instructions and a personality analysis. Follow the instructions and observe patiently how your reality shifts. While this happens, we will have 4 x 30-minute sessions over a video to analyze your current reality. Keep in mind that anything we would consider a miracle HAS to occur through nature, so if you are ill and find a new medication that cures you, it is because you have been “transferred” to a reality where that remedy exists. There is always a better reality to reach, whether you are a billionaire or the poorest person in town… it is essential to understand that miracles ALWAYS masquerade in a seemingly “natural way.”

Here is an actual "life-changing" event that happened some years ago to one of my best friends while we were together: He hated his job; long hours, low pay, no appreciation for his efforts… He wanted to spend more time with family and friends, learn, explore and catch up on many things he felt were missed in life. In short, he was trapped… Then, one morning while I was in Israel, he picked me up from my hotel so we could be together while he was doing his service calls across the country. ( it is a small country…) As we got on the main road, the light turned red, and we stopped. Without any warning, we were struck by a large SUV whose driver was busy sending an important text message. Not realizing the traffic has stopped for the red light, they hit us from behind at full speed without removing their foot from the gas pedal… What happens next is what usually happens next… Police, ambulance, hospital…The car was a write-off. While sitting in the wrecked car, disoriented, I could feel I was OK… They noticed a tiny crack in my friend’s spine at the hospital. (it does not affect him today) Since he could no longer carry the heavy toolboxes and large stoves, the employer’s insurance company, by the policy in effect, continues to pay his salary, and he is doing everything he always wanted to do… Looks like a coincidence, right? No, this was an “act" to move my friend to a new reality where his desires materialized. Still, like all miracles, it was delivered in a “natural” way: An accident...
(Don't worry; not all miracles come in such a rough way :)

You will receive a link to download a  five-minute melody to listen to while applying the Healing Olive.

The original Healing Olive project page, including feedback from over 400 users (not active), can be viewed here:  Healingolive.org.

I started a BLOG for the current project for feedback and discussions here: HealingOlive.com/blog.

My highest priority is to help you.  If, for ANY REASON, you need my help but want to pay a different amount than the one posted 
here,  please go to the "contribute"  page and then contact me by email: shlomof@talkforlife.com

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