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  1. Irena

    Dear Shlomo, I somehow magically stumbled across your product and watched your video and I got very interested since the problem I’m struggling with is very hard to deal with. I had trusted you 100% and ordered it, not too long after i received the Olive Oil. I was very excited, even opening the package and reading the letter brought a very good energy and positive feel to my heart. I started using it, on the third day…yes the third day, i already saw major changes. I suffer from seborrhoea and my skin gets very dry but no other products really help at this point. The Oil helped me not only hydrate my skin but also the problem became less and less noticeable, my seborrhoea kind of went in a corner and hid. I’m very happy and grateful for this present from you Shlomo, i hope more people try it and see what I’m talking about. “


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