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  1. Lois Cleland

    Hi Shlomo
    I have been doing a lot of inner work this year, releasing my human/social conditioning and thought I was making lots of progress.

    After a month of using the Healing Olive and whispering my dreams, life is on speed dial…one minute its Monday, and the next its Friday. I am on fast tract to self discovery, un-covery and feeling groovy.

    I have found my voice after a lifetime of being afraid to step out and be who I know I am.

    I decided to leave my husband, and this opened the door for both of us. I have discovered expressing my thoughts on video…that certainly was not in my consciousness before. I have clarity on a business I have wanted to pursue for years. I’m looking for a part time job to fill gaps while I put my business plan into gear.
    I feel, joyful, expectant, expansive. I am especially wanting to learn more about Reality Transurfing, how to practice it, and being a part of a group study.

    Looking forward to what September will bring.


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