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One Response to “Pușa (Pu’shah) Japanese: Yuri”

  1. Iuliana

    I have been using it for eighty days now and i must say that some small at first sight but beautiful changes have happened!
    After using it the first day, i already had a different kind of vibration. I have become happier by day. The spring in my step has returned, I am more communicative, my voice is clearer and i smile most of the time, i’m ready to welcome wonderful people and things in my life. 🙂 This s the level of vibration i’m in at right now.

    There was a weak point too, however..
    After recommending the oil to a friend, and having her honest thoughts about it, i started to forget using it before bed time. I would wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes morning, and apply it, even if late.
    I’m glad no day was skipped. After reflecting on what my friend had said, I realised that i shouldn’t react immediately to anyone’s negative opinions about what i am doing. This was a lesson for me.
    I am more connected with my soul and protective spirits, aware all the time about what is really going on around me. I am calmer and wiser and I smile most of the time, walking this new path.
    Thank you and may god bless you!!


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