Question and AnswerCategory: QuestionsHow Does The Healing Olive work? or Why Does It Work?
Shlomo Friedman Staff asked 3 years ago

From the over 50 response on the “User Feedback”, it looks like this is FOR REAL…  So what is the secret mechanism behind it?

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Shlomo Friedman Staff answered 3 years ago

ANSWER:  When you place your order,  I request you to upload a good picture of yourself, why? Your reality is created 100% by YOU, the WHOLE you. Whatever you “feed” into your subconscious, whether by your mind or your feelings, becomes your reality.  It is not instant; it unfolds over time.  By looking at your picture, I can see your essence in very fine detail. (look at the letters I send out with the Healing Olive on the blog page) I focus and “extract” only the good in you, and that energy goes into your personal bottle of the Healing Olive. When you use it, as instructed, it causes your subconscious to “send” all the Godliness that I saw in you into the mechanism that creates your reality, which, in turn, generates a substantial shift in your reality  “down the road of time.” Shlomo