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Shlomo Friedman Staff asked 8 months ago

More than two years past since I started the Healing Olive program. What happened since? What are my plans for the future? Or is there a future ?

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Shlomo Friedman Staff answered 8 months ago

Since you are all here because of your common interest in reality, I want to share with you a personal story and invite you to participate in the most unusual experiment in reality “manipulation”.
I have been researching “reality” for over fifteen years. At the end of 2016 I decided to move from theory to practice. Since my ultimate goal is to change the world as we know it, I needed to prove to myself the validity of some theories I developed AND build a stage from which I could reach a large, (I mean LARGE!) number of people. I started the Healing Olive project. ( ) By the beginning of 2017 about 280 people from all around the world submitted their request and received the Healing Olive.
I promised ( at no cost) that anybody who submits a current, good picture of themselves and then follows my instructions will experience a noticeable, provable, change of their reality.
It turned out to be a great success, just as I knew it would be. The feedback, which you can read here:…/users-rea…/health-conditions/ was surreal and overwhelming ( I appended some letters at the end of this post) Unfortunately at that time my oldest son, Daniel, came down, out of nowhere, with a devastating autoimmune illness. At this point I lost my intense focus in the Healing Olive. Then the strangest thing happened: I was getting on average 50 orders per month, but as soon as I lost focus, in the spring of 2017, the orders stopped completely, and to this day I received only about five… no logical explanation.
So why am I telling you all this?
Because I’m starting a new project, on a much greater scale, with you, my friends, as the first participants, if you choose to participate of course.
The goal is to reach a large number of people.
So here is what we are going to do: I will start a series of videos on Reality; what it is, how it is and why it is… and I will promise, similar to what I did in the Healing Olive, that by watching me in this videos, with focus, your Reality WILL CHANGE. Moreover, if you focus, with great intention on a reality you desire, there is a good chance you will experience it. It may sound insane, but so was the Healing Olive, and it actually worked, against all odds, just read the letters below.
So here we go, stay tuned… In my presentations I will explain how and why it works, and will try to answer questions you may have.
“For twenty years I have not been able to see without glasses. Diagnosed in my early twenties as legally blind without glasses. I needed them to read, to put on makeup, to swim, to do anything. I had to put my glasses in the same place every night or I couldn’t see to find my glasses without my glasses! After using the Healing Olive for about a month, a strange thing happened. I picked up a book to read and I couldn’t see a thing. It was like I was looking through a film of vaseline. In a panic, I took my glasses off to see if there was something on them. No. I washed them and put them back on, the same problem. I took them off, looked at the book and I could read it perfectly. No more glasses. I was blind, but now I see! I still need them for distance, but not for up close. This was an overnight miracle and the only thing I have added to my life right now is the oil. I’m excited to see what will happens next!”
Deep clarity and vision landed this month around life, life journey and self awareness… The results this month were phenomenal! Much Love and Appreciation Shlomo!
So I am not going to wish you anything shlomo…I am saying that all the energy of purification, of love, of improvement , of dreams coming true, of joy and spirituality ,that I have received because of the Healing Olive, will comes to you (shlomo) 100 times! Better be ready for that! It will be powerful feeling! Kristyna
Hi guys,
WOW! I don’t know what has not happened. I experienced a huge shift in reality. Everything seems to fall in place. A month ago, I was struggling with people around me taking my energy. It all had to do with certain old beliefs and about full acceptance over all the circumstances in my life. I was subconsciously fighting old limited world views. Then I started to use the healing olive. The first few days were quiet, but after a week so many opportunities were appearing in my reality. As a professional hockey player, I played one of my best games of the year, A huge shift took place, and I am so grateful for it. I connected back to myself again and restored my inner balance. Now I am at peace and open to receive outer world stuff (either positive or negative) and deal with it. This was only the first month. The healing olive oil came into my life and suddenly these things happened. Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so… Thank you Shlomo!
Good morning Shlomo. There are no words to describe what has been happening to me over these past few months. Since i was a child i have been a seeker and have been very open. But what has happened to me since i started taking the oil had put me in a completely different reality that has been very clear and real. Thank you, Shlomo, from the bottom of my heart. This is very real. Sincerely, Scotty — This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Healing Olive
Querido Shlomo: Your beautiful-strong scented-rich texture healing olive es in my hands. A treasure in itself! Pure LOVE! It will open portals, no doubt about it! My life transurfing will extremely become assertive hopefully soon. Your accurate message reading my picture touched me to the core… Deeply grateful, Ceci.
Submitted by Mihir on Sunday, January 22, 2017:
Received Today and started the use as mentioned… The personal message was so so true… U R amazing… Thank you very very much. Next day: Oh my god shlomo What’s this oil I think its 24hour since i started it And MIRACLE! An event that i understand must be a miracle… Now I am currently on road, and after understanding this miracle my lips are wide open in smiling… Just stopped to inform you, which i could not resist… Omg. What is this?? It’s really really really amazing, i have never imagined, ever.
Dear Shlomo. I am 50 years old. I trusted God, through you, that something wonderful would happen in my life due to using the healing olive. My life has completely changed for the better….
Thank-you. Curious & greatful!