Question and AnswerCategory: QuestionsWhat else to do while using Healing Olive?
Liu Tzu Tan asked 3 years ago

Hello Mr Shlomo,
Just to let you know I received the bottle of olive oil yesterday. Thank you.
Besides applying the olive oil daily, don’t I have to do anything else?

PS. Your ‘reading’ of my personality is very accurate.

1 Answers
Shlomo Friedman Staff answered 3 years ago

 You have to be “present” during the day, don’t run on “autopilot”. Be aware of your thoughts as much as you can, because those thoughts create your future reality. Set an alarm to go off during  the day to “wake you up” and realize where your mind is. In addition I suggest just before you fall asleep you run in your mind some crazy things you would like to do… do it at least as long as you apply the Healing Olive.