Question and AnswerCategory: QuestionsWhat if my situation gets worse?
Shlomo Friedman Staff asked 3 years ago

What to do if after I start using the Healing Olive my situation deteriorates and gets worse? 

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Shlomo Friedman Staff answered 3 years ago

This is a tough question, and I don’t have a simple answer. Fortunately, only two out of 170 experienced this; in order to provide a meaningful answer, I would have to meet or at least have a SKYPE conversation with those users, and we would be able to figure out the reason/s. When I have more insights I will update this answer.  

Connie replied 3 years ago

I have an insight about this. Sometimes when things seem “worse” it is because something is at “work” that understands the larger vision of what is best for us. So maybe a shakeup was needed to get to the other side of a better life…. Sometimes change is uncomfortable.

Shlomo Friedman Staff replied 3 years ago

You are more than right Connie… Most of our life we “cruise”, but that is a very passive situation and we are prone to illness, family problems, boredom and, eventually depression. The natural remedy, as prescribed by the universe, is to “accelerate”… That means taking a leap into the unknown with all the risks and uncertainty attached… It may fill really bad for a while, but once we get back into our new, accelerated cruising speed, our life has changed substantially for the better… until next time.